Error #2130 Unable to flush sharedObject

This annoying error was shown recently in a Flash project I was working on. At first I thought it was a sandbox problem, but Googling around didn’t help. Some links said it was a Flash 10 problem, but I had been succesfully used almost the exact same code in another project.

This is a shortened version of the code:

var name:String = "/demosite/";
var path:String = "/";
var paramname:String = "test";
var value:String = "myValue";

// Open SharedObject
var _so:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal(name, path);

// Create object
var o = new Object();
o.value = value;
o.timestamp = new Date();[paramname] = o;
_so.flush(); // Flush to disc


Can you spot what I did wrong? If not, I’ll tell you. It’s the name that causes the “Error #2130 Unable to flush sharedObject” message. Or more exact, the “/” in the name. Replacing it with:

var name:String = "demosite";

..solved the problem. I really like good descriptions in error messages ;)

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