Easy to use image library for .NET

Whether you need to resize, crop, watermark your picture or apply filters such as brightness/contrast and unsharpen - this library is for you!


Watermark pictures

Protect your images by watermarking them with a stamp or text. How to watermark.

Built-in filters

Apply filters such as brightness, contrast, desaturation, gaussian blur or unsharpen mask. How to apply unsharpen mask.

Thumbnail creation

Create thumbnails in any size with ease. How to create thumbnails

Render text

Write text on your images in any font, size and angle. How to write text on image

I/O options

Open and/or save images from files or streams. Ideal for on-the-fly image creation. Learn about loading and saving

Open source

This library is released under MIT license making it free to use even commercially without restrictions.

Do common graphic tasks with ease

This library was created in order to handle common graphic tasks, such as making a thumbnail, adjusting an image to fit a special size and format, blitting one image over another (suitable for watermarking) and apply basic filters.

Hope you'll find this library useful and if you miss any feature or find any bugs please make a feature request/bug report.

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