.NET Image Library version 3.0.0 released

This release of the library introduces alternative multi-threaded optimized filters beside the medium-trust compatible filters already included in the library. If you're using the library in a full-trust environment such as a WinForm application you should definitely use the faster filters as they are much faster, depending on the CPU reducing the time taken with 80% or more (numbers based on an Intel Core i7-2600K).

How to use the new faster filters

Add the NuGet-package ImageLibrary.FastFilters to your project and use the filters prefixed with Fast (for instance FastUnsharpMask instead of UnsharpMask).

using Kaliko.ImageLibrary;
using Kaliko.ImageLibrary.Filters;
using Kaliko.ImageLibrary.FastFilters;

    // ...

    var testImage = new KalikoImage("originalimage.png");
    var filter = new FastUnsharpMaskFilter(5, 1.7f, 3);
    testImage.SaveJpg("outputimage.jpg", 90);

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