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Legacy information

Once upon a time, before shifting focus to open source .NET projects, there was Kaliko Entertainment.

Kaliko Entertainment was formed by a team of creative people with a long history of supporting and developing for the Amiga community the in early 2000s to create games for the mobile market using Amiga DE (later named Amiga Anywhere). The platform was based on Tao Group's Intent operating system which allowed multi-platform development by using a low level assembly language against a virtual processor.

Two games - Brainteaser and Last in Line - were finished and released by Amiga Inc as well as a NHL hockey themed version of Brainteaser for the Seattle Thunderbirds. An additional couple of games was under development but never reached the light of day before Amiga Inc folded.

As with many innovations, timing is the key. Although the idea of writing code once and be able to run it on very different devices is something that has proven to be a major step in development and an impressive list of backers (including Sony and Motorola), the Tao Group's efforts never really reached all the way. Perhapse much due to the fact that the mobiles yet hadn't gotten smart enough. And after a few bad business decissions by Amiga Inc the saga of Amiga Anywhere had ended.

For some additional nostalgia, see the presentation of Amiga Anywhere on TechTV from 2005.