Last in line

Last in line is a board game with numbers for one or two players. To master this game you will need to use your brain and play tactical. The game features a rather intelligent computer player that will give you a good challange in the one player mode, but you could also play against a friend.


Screenshot #1 The board consists of 64 squares (8*8) with a brick placed on each square carrying a value ranging from -8 to 8. Whenever a brick is picked up by a player it is removed from the board and added to that players points (picking up a brick with a negative value will lower the points).

Player one always plays in rows and player two or the computer always in columns.

Screenshot #2 During each turn the players have to select a brick from a highlighted row or column. Which line that gets highlighted depends on the last move. When there isn't any bricks left on the board or in the highlighted field, the game ends. The player with most points wins.