HybridConf 2014 rocked!

I had the great privilege to attend HybridConf 2014 held in Stockholm August 21-22. It was by far one of the best conferences I've been at. Nice friendly atmosphere and a lot of great speakers ranging through a wide variaty of topics.

Some of the speakers that I really enjoyed - and that I recommend anyone who has the chance to hear - was Tom Soderstrom - IT CTO at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Scott Hanselman - Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft,  Dan Rubin Partner at Webgraph, Hampton Catlin - creator of Sass and Haml and Andrew Nesbitt - developer at Github.

You can find a couple of Scott Hanselman's talks from other events online. I truely recommend listening to his talk about effectiveness and efficieny. Dan Rubin's talk about roles and communication was also an interesting one.

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