Great tool for documenting .NET projects

As a developer I'm thankful for any tool that can help me through the process. Tools like ReSharper have really helped me improve as a programmer. But one area where tools also can be a big help is documentation (not my favorite part of the process, but one that is essential).

Being a fan of Clean Code I don't want to clutter my source code with comments made only for documentation. In the meantime I do want to provide other developers with some nice IntelliSense if they use my projects as well as a collected API documentation. This has previously been mutually exclusive as tools like Sandcastle Help File Builder and others uses source code comments to build the help files and the comments also provides the XML-file that is used for IntelliSense.

Wouldn't it be great to have a tool where you could import your project files, write the documentation and have it export both API documentation as well as the XML file used for IntelliSense? I was really happy when I found Document! X from Innovasys that not only totally solves this but is also very easy to work with.

I'm currently using Document! X to document my open source projects and would really recommend it to anyone who want to keep their documentation separate from their code without losing features as IntelliSense.

Download a trial and test it out!

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