FlashDevelop with Flex 4.6 and AIR 3.5

If you followed the previous post about installing FlashDevelop with Flex you might notice that you got AIR 3.1 together with Flex 4.6. However, there are a newer version of AIR (currently 3.5) that adds some nice stuff. In order to use 3.5 you need to patch the Flex version. This might sound complicated, but it's really easy!

  1. Download FLEX 4.6 and unpack to the path you prefer (if you not already have).
  2. Download AIR 3.5 and unpack.
  3. Copy all files and folders from the AIR folder into the Flex folder. Replace all.
  4. Start FlashDevelop, now you have Flex 4.6.0/AIR 3.5 as SDK target!

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