New in Kaliko CMS 1.2.4

Besides quite a few bug fixes the latest version also introduce a new headless feature.

Headless content API

A headless or decoupled CMS is a way to separate content management from presentation, allowing the content to be consumed by something like a mobile app or a single page application. And in this version we've added an optional NuGet package that will add a content API so that content from the CMS can be requested by external code.

Here's more information on how to use Kaliko CMS as a headless CMS

And a demo project using Kaliko CMS and React


  • Fixed problem with unicode characters in composition properties
  • Fixed problem with default values for menu and sitemap visibility not honored by administration UI
  • Fixed problem with duplicate ApplicationPaths when creating a new page running site in virtual folder
  • Fixed problem with incompatible data types for some data providers such as Oracle
  • Fixed problem with using required flag on fields in composite and collection properties
  • Fixed problem with hidden publish and save buttons on iOS
  • Fixed problem with freezing page tree when moving pages in admin
  • Fixed problem with editor for file properties inside collections
  • Added option to specify connection string name in configuration
  • Removed client file size limit on file upload

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