New in Kaliko CMS 1.2.0

Among improvements and bug fixes there's a couple of new features in Kaliko CMS version 1.2.0.

Site settings

One major change in this version is site settings, which is a new feature to create site wide settings as well as controlling available page types and sorting in the root level.
For more information and examples

Selector property type

A new property type has been added to support selection of a single value out of a list of options.
For more information and examples

Property tabs

In order to structure page types with plenty of properties tabs have been added. To place a property in a new tab add the TabGroup parameter to the property decoration:

[Property("Headline", TabGroup = "Theme")]
public virtual StringProperty Headline { get; set; }

By default properties are placed in the Content-tab. Tab order is based on the order of appearance in the page type class.


  • Properties now recognize [Required]-attribute #77
  • Improved Markdown editor with support for headings, CMS images and links #86
  • Added drag & drop image inline embedding in TinyMCE-editor #86
  • Improved compability with custom date formats #92
  • URL and shortcut information added to page editor
  • Updated TinyMCE to 4.3.8

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem when using virtual application paths
  • Improved content compability for collection property editor
  • SqlDateTime overflow while running the admin setup fixed #94
  • Json-serialization of Guids switched to safer method #93

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