How to write code faster in .Net and Flash!

I've been a fan of the very functional development environment FlashDevelop for programming Actionscript. If you're still using the code editor in Flash for your AS2/AS3 programming needs you should head over and download FlashDevelop immediatly. Much better intellisense and hot keys to do common shores (like for instance pressing Ctrl + Shift + 1, which lets you declare functions, variables, properties etc way much faster than writing all the text yourself).

Visual Studio/C#/VB.Net
I've missed the above functionality for a long time, but today I found some great tools to add the same functionality into Visual Studio (and more!). There are some products out there to help speeding up your coding skills, like Resharper (which looks really cool and has a price tag starting at $149) from Jetbrains. The product I've just downloaded to install for free is Devexpress´ lite version of  CodeRush (priced $250) called CodeRush Xpress. If you're on a tight budget you should definitivly download it and give it a try (especially the CTRL + ´ feature!! (which is CTRL + ö on a swedish keyboard). If you got a more generous budget you might find the additional features in the commercial programs listed above of interest.

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