Time controlled publishing in EPiServer

There's a neat way in EPiServer to time control publishing of pages. It's really easy when it comes to new pages, but when you want a new version of an existing page it turns out to be a little bit more rocket surgery.

Here's how to do it:
  • Edit the page with your changes. Leave publish dates as is, you will set your date elsewhere.
  • Select "Save and view" (NOT PUBLISH!)
  • Two buttons are displayed, click "Ready for publish".
  • Goto the version list tab.
  • Last in the listing where your new version is there's a time schedule icons to the right. Click on it.
  • Tick the activate checkbox and enter time and date as you please.
  • Save and your new version of the page is now awaiting automatic publishing.

Please note, that if you do another version of your page you'll need to go through these steps again.

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