Photoshop: Copy to new color problem

A rather bizarre problem occured today. After recieving a layered PSD-file from an Art Director and trying to copy a single coloured layer into a new image I ended up with a layer with a different color but not only that. It seemed to be dithered as well! Looking into settings, nothing appeared wrong. After some trouble shooting I finally found it: The color profile embeded with the PSD-file was missing or didn't match the once I've installed, but Photoshop didn't say a word about it.

This is how to fix it:
1) Goto the menu and Edit / Color Settings...
2) Check all boxes for Profile Mismatches and Missing Profiles
3) Done!

Now you can copy and paste as new AND get a warning when the profile mismatch instead of just getting the layer with all the colors wrong.

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