CmsPage Class Properties

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Public Properties

AuthorName of the user who authored the page.  
ChildrenA collection of children for the page.  
ChildSortDirectionThe direction in which the children for the page will be automatically sorted.  
ChildSortOrderThe sort order that will automatically be applied to the children of the page.  
CreatedDateWhen this page was created.  
CurrentVersionVersion number.  
DeletedDateWhen this page was deleted. For non deleted pages this value is always null.  
HasChildrenFlag if the page has any children.  
IsAvailableFlag if the page is available to visitors.  
LanguageIdLanguage identifier.  
OriginalStatusUsed for new working copies in order to determine the status of the page it was based.  
PageIdPage identifier.  
PageNameName of the page  
PageTypeIdThe page type which the page is.  
PageUrlUrl to page.  
ParentParent page.  
ParentIdPage identifier of parent page.  
ParentPathCollection of all ancestors.  
PropertyCollection of page properties.  
RootIdPage identifier for the first ancestor of a page.  
ShortUrlShort url for the page. Every version of the page will create a new url, but they will all be active to the latest published version.  
SortIndexUsed when the parent has SortIndex as sort order for its children.  
StartPublishWhen the page should be published.  
StatusThe status of the page.  
StopPublishWhen the page should be unpublished.  
TreeLevelWhat level the page has counted from the root.  
UpdateDateWhen the page was updated.  
UrlSegmentPart of the page url. By default based on the page name.  
VisibleInMenuFlag if the page should be visible in menus.  
VisibleInSiteMapFlag if the page should be visible in sitemaps.  

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