KalikoCMS.PropertyType Namespace

Inheritance Hierarchy
In this namespace you will find all property types that is included in the core. If none of these match your requirements you can easily create your own type by inheriting from KalikoCMS.Core.PropertyData which is the foundation for all property types.


BooleanPropertyIs used to represent true or false.
CollectionProperty<T>Is used to create dynamic collections of another property type.
DateTimePropertyIs used for dates.
FilePropertyIs used to link to local files.
HtmlPropertyIs used for HTML content.
ImagePropertyIs used for images, allows the developer to set up image restrictions such as width and/or height (by using the ImagePropertyAttribute).
ImagePropertyAttributeAttribute to use for ImageProperty properties in order to specify width and/or height.
LinkPropertyIs used to point to either an external URL, a local page or file.
MarkdownPropertyIs used for Markdown content.
NumericPropertyIs used for integers.
PageLinkPropertyIs used to point towards any page in the system.
PropertyEditorBaseThe base class that all property editors should inherit from.
StringPropertyIs used for simple strings represented by a single line in the editor.
TagPropertyIs used to add tags to a page.
TagPropertyAttributeAttribute to use for TagProperty properties in order to specify which tag context to use for that particular property. (Allows the use of different tagging spaces for the same page).
TextPropertyIs used for longer strings represented by a multi line text area in the editor.


IPageSavedHandlerInterface that if implemented by a property editor signals to the system that it should call a special method after the page is saved. This will ensure that logic that needs to run after a successfully validated save is called.


LinkProperty.LinkTypeDefines whether a link is local to a page, local to a file or external.

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