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  • New in Kaliko CMS 1.2.1

    July 05, 2017 | Tags: Kaliko CMS, Open source

    Due to a detected security flaw in the previously used JSON library it's recommended to upgrade to this version. Besides added security there's quite a few other additions that you'll find described below.

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  • New in Kaliko CMS 1.2.0

    October 16, 2016 | Tags: Kaliko CMS, Open source

    Among improvements and bug fixes there's a couple of new features in Kaliko CMS version 1.2.0.

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  • .NET Image Library version 3.0.0 released

    October 03, 2016 | Tags: Image Library, Open source

    This release of the library introduces alternative multi-threaded optimized filters beside the medium-trust compatible filters already included in the library. If you're using the library in a full-trust environment such as a WinForm application you should definitely use the faster filters as they are much faster, depending on the CPU reducing the time taken with 80% or more (numbers based on an Intel Core i7-2600K).

    How to use the new faster filters

    Add the NuGet-package ImageLibrary.FastFilters to your project and use the filters prefixed with Fast (for instance FastUnsharpMask instead of UnsharpMask).

    using Kaliko.ImageLibrary;
    using Kaliko.ImageLibrary.Filters;
    using Kaliko.ImageLibrary.FastFilters;
        // ...
        var testImage = new KalikoImage("originalimage.png");
        var filter = new FastUnsharpMaskFilter(5, 1.7f, 3);
        testImage.SaveJpg("outputimage.jpg", 90);

  • .NET Image Library version 2.0.6 released

    September 08, 2016 | Tags: Image Library, Open source

    Store original or set new resolution (DPI)

    Original resolution is stored when loading an image, but in order to save the resolution with the image the saveResolution parameter in the save function needs to be set to true. If not set or set to false the image will be saved with screen resolution (96 DPI).

        var image = new KalikoImage("image.jpg");
        image.SaveJpg("image-keep-dpi.jpg", 90, true);

    It's also possible to get or set the current resolution by using the HorizontalResolution and VerticalResolution properties.

        var image = new KalikoImage("image.jpg");
        image.VerticalResolution = 300;
        image.HorizontalResolution = 300;
        image.SaveJpg("image-300-dpi.jpg", 90, true);

    RotateFlip method

    Ability to rotate and flip image added:

        var image = new KalikoImage("image.jpg");

    Access to bitmap data

    It's now possible to access the underlaying Bitmap object directly by calling GetAsBitmap().

        var bmp = image.GetAsBitmap();

  • Kaliko NuGet-repository gets HTTPS

    April 03, 2016 | Tags: Open source, Kaliko CMS, Image Library

    In order to add a layer of security the Kaliko NuGet-repository now has a SSL-certificate and is reached at