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  • Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide gets updated

    October 06, 2010 | Tags: SEO, Google
    Google has released an updated version of their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide. It's a great overview for learning what you can do to increase visibility and ranking on searchengines, like Google. Don't expect miracles, but it's a good read :)

    Here's a link to the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide in PDF form.

  • Javascript library via content delivery networks

    March 08, 2010 | Tags: Javascript, Google
    Are you using any of the following javascript libraries?
    • jQuery
    • jQuery UI
    • Prototype
    • script_aculo_us
    • MooTools
    • Dojo
    • SWFObject
    • Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)
    • Ext Core
    • Chrome Frame
    Then you may benefit from using Google's CDN (Content Delivery Network) for AJAX libraries. You'll find it over at Google AJAX Libraries API

    If you're using:
    • jQuery
    • jQuery Validate might want to check out Microsoft's CDN at Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network

  • Specify your canonical link

    February 23, 2010 | Tags: SEO, Google
    Playing around with Google's great Webmaster Tool I noticed that a site I'm working on had several URLs containing the same meta description. This was caused not by generic meta data, but rather that Google saw a page reposted with a querystring for toggling an archive tree as a seperate page. This makes two or more pages with identical content which isn't a good thing search engine-wise.

    Enter the canonical link
    You can tell Google which page that should be used when indexing. This is done by adding a link element to your page's header.
    <link rel="canonical" href="" />
    This would divert indexing of URLs like

    Read a far better explanation at Google's blog, how to specify your canonical meta data.